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Renewed Hope Housing Advocates meets monthly at:

Buena Vista United Methodist Church
2311 Buena Vista Ave.

Anyone interested in housing issues is welcome to join us.

For the time and date of our meetings, go to the news and events page or contact:

Doyle Saylor

Other contacts:

Laura Thomas


Lois Pryor

4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I am Renee Rhodes and I am trying to gather information o the renewed hope program . I am in desperate need of housing and I know a family that used to live there I went over there to the property and I saw the units . I am in need f a place and I do have a job. I would be there with my son Richard Silva he is 18 yrs old very great kid that is super responsible has a job and is almost done with high school 2 more months he will graduate so we are homeless now and looking for help. Please if u will contact us at 510 626 5347 and maybe I can chat with you regarding this .
    Thanks so much
    Renee Rhodes also have a email of

  2. I’ve lived in Alameda since 1995. Interesting to read the history of the base. I seem to recall a lawsuit over housing at the base, with an injunction against the city tearing down housing that could be used for the homeless. Federal legislation in the first round of base closures required housing be retained for the homeless as “first use”. If my memory serves, that lawsuit was settled by the city at compromise terms. Then the housing in question, 970 units, was torn down by the city within a week! The plot of land in question, paralleling the Atlantic Avenue entrance to the base, is still vacant, almost twenty years later!

    Is my memory correct? If so, that really shows just how disgusting the city of Alameda indeed is. Perhaps you can corroborate this. Is my memory correct?

    Steve Tabor

  3. Steve,

    Did you receive a reply to your question? If not, you could call Laura Thomas at (510)522-8901 or myself, Bill Smith, at (510) 522-0390. We are, and were at the time, both members of Renewed Hope Housing Advocates. We organized residents to protest the demolition of the housing along Atlantic where Bayport Alameda now stands and later sued the City over the EIR (Environmental Impact Report) supporting the transfer of the base to the City. Many interesting details, easier to discuss with you than write it up. Laura may have a collection of documents describing events at the time.

    Thanks for your excellent and probing reporting on housing.

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